19/02/2014 - UWMAV update

We just submitted a WEEF proposal to fund a 3D Robotics Radio Set. If accepted, this will allow us to get realtime sensor data from our quadcopters while in flight. We have also asked for the ODROID-XU development board from HardKernel for future video processing projects.

17/02/2014 - UWMAV update

Here is our latest projects. The Quadcopter in the background is the one we built from scratch. Currently it is using the BeagleBone black as the processor. We are hoping to change it to run on the PixHawk

The quadcopter in the foreground is the MikroCopter. It is currently being repaired following a recent crash.

quadcopters rock!

07/09/2011 - UWMAV Website v2.0 Launched!

Version 2 of the UWMAV official website has now been launched. Some contents have also been updated. Check back for more updates in the near future!